Growth Sectors

The following sectors have been identified as having particularly strong potential for growth in Worcestershire:

The Three Cornerstone Sectors

The three cornerstone sectors are central to our local economy and represent large volumes of jobs.

The three cornerstone sectors are:

  • Business administration & professional services 

This includes legal services, audit, accountancy, insurance, management consultancy, employment activities, business admin and support services.

  • Construction

This includes construction of buildings, civil engineering, specialised construction activities and architectural and engineering activities.

  • Health and Care 

This includes social care, plus niche sectors including instrument devices and equipment manufacture; research and development; healthcare services and assistive technology and diagnostics.

For more information on the three cornerstone sectors please read the Plan for Growth.

The Three Opportunity Sectors

The opportunity sectors have significant potential for high-value growth.

The three opportunity sectors are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing

This includes the manufacture of computer and electronic products, machinery and equipment, metal products, non-metallic products and other manufacturing and transport equipment.

  • Cyber security, IT and defence

This includes telecommunications, computer programming, consultancy and related digital activities, information service activities and defence activities.

  • Horti/agricultural technology

This includes support to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities; hunting, trapping and related service activities; aquaculture; manufacture of food products and scientific research and development.

For more information on the three opportunity sectors please read the Plan for Growth.