What we do

Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership:

  • Offers strategic leadership and a long term vision in relation to Worcestershire’s economy                              Mark Stansfeld JPEG
  • Portrays the ‘big picture’ in terms of the county’s assets, attractions and opportunities
  • Champions Worcestershire’s economic vision
  • Secures finance, attracts investment and encourages match funding to achieve Worcestershire’s ambitions
  • Acts as the ‘business voice’ of Worcestershire, leading and coordinating Worcestershire’s interests in order to drive forward business growth
  • Shares knowledge, best practice and intelligence within the county and across the national LEP network
  • Signposts to sources of business support and advice
  • Identifies barriers to growth, influences decision making and thereby unlocks growth and jobs
  • Works in partnership with the public sector, taking the lead as advocate and ambassador for Worcestershire’s economic prosperity
  • Coordinates and responds to Government’s consultations on behalf of Worcestershire business, thus influencing Policy decisions
  • Maintains close relationships with key Government Ministers and sponsoring Government Departments in order to advocate on behalf of the county
  • Maintains close relationships with Government Agencies in order to assist LEP initiatives, eg to remove barriers to growth

Promotes Worcestershire as the place in which to invest, work, live and play