Advisors in ready to help commercialise low carbon ideas

The Low Carbon Opportunities Programme (LOCOP) have contracted Shrewsbury Business Consulting Ltd to support Worcestershire businesses in developing ideas that reduce environmental impact through innovation.

The innovation strand of LOCOP, supports businesses in the clean tech innovation sector or those who wanted to diversify into this area, through the development of low carbon technologies which will help others to be green.

Shrewsbury Business Consulting Ltd bring decades of commercial experience in the low carbon, renewable energy and the power engineering sectors. Most importantly though, they are highly experienced business advisors and mentors.

They aim to very quickly identify the critical path actions and priorities required for the businesses to progress and succeed. They will work with the businesses to implement strategies to deliver these actions.

Business can receive a free 12 hour assist which can help consider markets, funding streams, IP Protection, technical collaborations and address barriers for example. Following the free advice grants of up to £50,000 are available.

Worcestershire is a hot bed of innovation and one example of innovation which has previously been grant funded, is the HERU (Home Energy Resources Unit) which takes domestic waste and turns it into heat for use in the home.

Over the last three years, LOCOP, managed by Worcestershire County Council has provided technical advice and support to over 80 businesses and £822,000 in grant funding for both innovation and renewables.

The Programme will also offer a series of events, working alongside local partners, to provide further support and learning opportunities to businesses.

Businesses interested in the programme are invited to get in touch to find out more by emailing or visiting the website here.