Aspenify hold launch event at Silicon Valley Capital Club

Aspenify held their event on Wednesday 20 November with attendees from all over the world either attending in person or online.

The audience included existing advisors, investors and early adopters, as well as potential investors. Mike Smith, COO of Aspenify Inc started things off by introducing the team and providing a company overview. Then Steve Hanney, CEO, introduced the development team in India.

Established in 2018, Aspenify provides personalised strategic execution management software for individuals and professionals to streamline innovation, accelerate adoption and drive success in all that they do. The Aspenify platform allows you to connect, innovate and perform through a leading-edge software as a service solution.

A team of 3 designers then demonstrated the creation and execution of an onboarding process live in the application, which included the building and publishing of a Playbook. The design team were able to show the audience the real time collaboration features of the product, as the screen showed what all 3 designers could see simultaneously.

For further information on Aspenify UK Ltd, contact Martin Hanney by emailing or phoning 07766 023 152