Broadway Tower lit up for the first time to celebrate Worcestershire!

For the first time in its history Broadway Tower has been lit up with huge images promoting life in Worcestershire.

It’s part of the More in Worcestershire campaign which has been running across London and the Midlands, showcasing all that Worcestershire offers. The campaign has highlighted people living and working in the County, as they’ve shared their experiences and reasons for loving Worcestershire.

Their stories were projected onto the Tower, as invited guests from the Worcestershire 1000 watched. The light show could be seen by residents in the nearby town of Broadway, as the spectacular event shone out across the area.

The invited guests first heard from Keith Beech, Head of Communications at Worcestershire County Council, then Richard Soper, former CEO of Worcester Bosch, about the campaign and reasons for promoting Worcestershire.

When at 7:00pm it was time for the switch on, and the guests gathered outside the tower, for the countdown.

Case study Emma Heathcote-James was one of those beaming out into the night sky. Emma, founder and CEO of Little Soap Company, based in Broadway, said: ‘I am proud to be part of this campaign that celebrates Worcestershire is a fantastic place to live and do business. Seeing Broadway Tower lit up for the first time was a unique experience and something I will never forget!’

Richard Soper from the Worcestershire 1000 team, who organised the event, said: ‘We are very proud of everything that Worcestershire has to offer as a place to live and work. There is no better way to celebrate our county than by lighting up the skies from the iconic Broadway Tower. The Tower is an inspiring location. It was the brain child of Capability Brown and I am sure that he would have shared our pride as the tower was lit up for the very first time to showcase the beauty of Worcestershire.’