Businesses encouraged to accelerate growth

Paul Halliday
Paul Halliday presenting GrowthAccelerator Business Innovation Masterclass, September 2013

Attendees at a recent ‘Business Innovation Masterclass’  taster  session were urged to focus attention on strategy and business improvement rather than day-to-day operations.

The Masterclass, hosted by GrowthAccelerator, told an invited audience of Worcestershire businesses that creativity and innovation are at the heart of business success, yet managers spend 90% of their time on operations.

Presenter, Paul Halliday, urged firms to establish a workplace culture where time is dedicated to ideas generation as, he said, this would provide a catalyst for future growth.

The event was attended by a diverse range of businesses – from an inventor who pitched his rotary line umbrella to Dragon’s Den, to a social enterprise, Jaguar parts manufacturer and ground-breaking technological businesses.

The fast-paced Masterclass introduced delegates to a number of innovation tools and techniques, including De Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ and ‘reverse brainstorming’ techniques.  “Innovation won’t just happen”, said Halliday, “it needs managing”.

Paul Halliday and David Ledbury
Paul Halliday (left) with David Ledbury, Growth Manager at GrowthAccelerator

GrowthAccelerator is delivered by the private sector and backed by government. The service  targets  SMEs with the ambition and potential to grow by 20% per annum.  Through its network of business coaches it works with SMEs across England to encourage and support private sector innovation and growth.

Peter Pawsey, Executive Chair, WLEP says: “GrowthAccelerator provides businesses in Worcestershire with the advice and support to grow.   Creating the time and space in a working day to consider new ideas and ways of working is difficult, but essential to managing  a successful business.”