Businesses in Worcestershire set to raise millions for charity, for free

Give as you Live, the ‘shopping website with a heart’, has launched a new business shopping and fundraising platform, enabling businesses to raise money for charity with no cost or major time investment required as well as providing wider business benefits.

Give as you Live is based on Vale Business Park in Evesham and their innovative products and solutions mean that businesses can support any UK charity including local schools, churches and social clubs every time a purchase is made with one of over 4,000 top online retailers.

The website also provides price comparison, allowing businesses to get the best price – for example, on ink cartridges or stationery supplies and other items that are bought by employees when using the portal.

So how does it work?

Employees in Worcestershire can sign up, select the registered business that they work for and choose a charity that they’d like to support.

Every time an employee then shops through Give as you Live, a percentage of the purchase value is donated to their chosen charity. This happens at no extra cost, as Give as you Live donates on the shopper’s behalf from the retailer’s commission.

Each purchase, therefore, raises money for their chosen charity, whilst contributing to a workplace total. Employees can also see how many charities are being supported at their work and how much the team has raised together.

Then – why not publicise your charity donation? This provides PR for your company under your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), working together for a good cause is great for team building and it inspires other companies to follow your example and raise money for charity.

For more information and to register, visit the Give As You Live website.