Businesses Invited to attend Agritech Industry Day

Businesses are being invited to attend an Agritech Industry Day at Pershore College on Thursday 7 June.

WCG are hosting an Agri Tech industry Day in partnership with Worcestershire LEP to promote careers in sectors that support the Field to Fork theme.  The event will be on Thursday 7 June 2018 and will provide thought-provoking insights into courses that deliver the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the contemporary agricultural and horticultural industries.

The changing global agriculture and horticulture sector is meeting the challenges of production by means of digital, mechanical, and biochemical technological innovations, allowing producers to make informed decisions using sensors, communications and data analytics.

As the industry evolves it is important to meet the needs of our future workforce and ensure students have a knowledge of robotics, advanced mechanisation, monitoring technologies and genetics, to reflect the changes taking place in the land based industries. The impacts of which will require an understanding of the economic and business aspects enabling produce to get from farm to table.

The day will have three separate objectives;

  • Schools Programme – A journey through all sectors of agriculture and horticulture careers on offer including inspiring talks from Industry experts about the breadth of jobs available, interactive and engaging workshops to provide students with taster sessions.
  • Parent Talks – early evening session to engage parents and provide them with an opportunity to understand more about the types of career paths available and jobs / careers in industry, and how they can influence and support the career path of young people entering industry.

Students entering Industry at Pershore College will study at newly built facilities set in extensive grounds at Pershore College, and with access to industry standard technologies, students will be able to enter a wide range of sectors forming part of the global food production and supply chain.

The college has strong links to the local agricultural and horticultural industries, and will provide an opportunity to study in an environment that includes commercial production activities and ongoing cutting-edge applied horticultural research.

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