Department for Education campaign to raise awareness of apprenticeships

Local businesses who currently or recently have employed an apprentice are being encouraged to participate in the Department for Education to raise awareness of apprenticeships.

With exam results season drawing nearer, thousands of young people, will be making important decisions about their future.

The Department for Education (DFE) want to make every student aware about the opportunities that an apprenticeship can provide, to help them make an informed decision about their next step.

Over the summer, the Department for Education will be working on a series of communications activities to raise awareness through apprenticeships – and to present apprenticeships. Some of the employers already involved are the likes of NHS Blood and Transplant, Walsall Council, JCB, Berthon Boats and Superior Seals, and DfE are looking for more employers to join these businesses.

The DfE are looking for new employers to join in with these communications activities. To be involved with the scheme, employers will need to qualify on one of the following criteria:

  • Have apprenticeship vacancies live in August (for students aged 16-18)
  • Have made apprenticeship offers to students who will be getting their exam results this August
  • Employ apprentices who have recently left school or college, and that have achieved something exceptional that may be of interest to media.

There are some examples of great case studies that apprentices have worked on and the aim is to showcase more of these to help raise awareness of the endless opportunities that apprenticeships can provide.

To get involved, get in touch with Milly Pearson at Munro & Forster Communications by emailing

There are lots of apprenticeship opportunities in Worcestershire and if you would like more information on any stage of apprenticeships in Worcestershire, whether it be employing an apprentice or tips on completing an apprenticeship, visit the Worcestershire Apprenticeships website here.