Chamber of Commerce Economic Conference gives update on business challenges

The Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce’s Economic conference held last week gave attendees an exclusive first look of the Chambers Business Manifesto, which outlines the key areas the Chamber will be focusing its policy and efforts to support businesses throughout the year.

The event also saw a number of different business experts giving an update on the local and national business environment for the coming year.

In what was an informative event, attendees were given an update on the current business environment and how businesses can expect to move forward, experts included Gary Woodman from the Worcestershire Local Enterprise who also sponsored the conference, Carl Arntzen from Worcester Bosch, there was also a number of business specialists on hand to discuss the national picture including James Martin from the British Chambers of Commerce as well as Marcus Wright and Stuti Saksena from NatWest.

The Business Manifesto for 2021 lays out how the Chamber aims to work together with local organisations and key policy maker to help deliver on their promises of supporting businesses through a number of different key areas.

For Members and Non-members of the Chamber this document reflects the opinions of businesses across Herefordshire & Worcestershire on the most important barriers to growth and challenges that they will be faced with over the coming year.

On the current challenges businesses are faced with and going forward in 2021, Chamber Chief Executive, Sharon Smith, said: “There is no doubt that this has been one of the most challenging years for businesses in our lifetime. Businesses have fought hard to survive, and many have, directly, or indirectly, helped the country in its battle against Covid-19.

“Businesses are aware of the long road ahead, but remain flexible, responsive and optimistic. Although post Covid-19 and EU Exit businesses will be well versed in dealing with uncertainty and change, it has never been more vital that we now come together to draw on shared information and best practice to find solutions and new opportunities.”

The Economic Conference can be viewed on the Chamber’s Youtube channel here

To view the Chamber’s Business Manifesto please visit here –