CPR training in Worcester gets a special guest at Titania offices

Last week cybersecurity company Titania hosted one of the best training sessions for staff and members of the public. One that could one day make a difference to someone’s life.

“We opened our doors to Worcester citizens, because we considered this to be a valuable exercise worth sharing with the community we all work and live in” Titania CEO, Ian Whiting, introduced the two days of training.

Following a visit to the United States, business-owners Nicola and Ian Whiting had the pleasure of meeting a police officer who made a difference to the people around him. A veteran of the US Air Force and a 15 year police officer in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Officer Platz has performed CPR more than 100 times in his service and has trained thousands of people in the Coon Rapids community.

The second day of his training sessions, the Mayor of Worcester and his wife visited for a fun photo session and a serious talk about the officer’s initiative across the Atlantic and how it makes a difference to the lives of the Coon Rapids community. Officer Platz wanted to try on the mayoral chains, while Councillor Knight was keen to shake his hand and thank him for this fantastic initiative.

Over the course of the 2 days, members of Bramble Home Care, Newhall Medical Practice, Rich Print, Worcestershire LEP and Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce attended the training. The Chamber’s CEO, Mike Ashton stayed for the entire 2 hours of a session and spoke to Officer Platz afterwards to personally commend his efforts.

“We have been to other CPR trainings before, but this really was different” mention a group of healthcare professionals. “Not so long ago we attended a CPR session where we were instructed to offer mouth-to-mouth. Sometimes that can be off-putting” they continued.

Officer Platz is all too aware of the way people perceive mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: “In the event someone is suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest they are clinically dead. The body’s reactions can be disturbing for many people. Meanwhile 100 compressions per minute, promptly delivered in the first 3 minutes of collapse, can make a huge difference to someone being dead or alive” he explained.

What few know is that the rules have changed a few years ago when the American Heart Association has updated its guidance on how to perform CPR. They have not however updated the training of its CPR instructors, or the literature accompanying it. UK’s NHS still recommends if you “feel confident using your skills, you should give chest compressions with rescue breaths”. Yet in 2012, The British Heart Association brought out a campaign featuring actor Vinny Jones who teaches hands-only CPR to the tune of Stayin’ Alive: “first call 999, then you do hands-only CPR… and no kissing! You only kiss your missus on the lips!”

On Friday, Officer Platz joined the Marketing team to the monthly Chris Green Media Club where he offered an ad-hoc session of his resuscitation training. His teachings were met with enthusiasm by the professionals attending the communications consultancy.

Titania has now installed an Automated Electric Defibrillator, and all members of staff are trained to use it, which should provide timely assistance to any Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency in the Barbourne area. The office phone number is 01905 888 785 and the AED is located at Security House, Barbourne Road, Worcester WR1 1RS.