Worcestershire Apprenticeships

Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership recognises the importance of providing high-quality apprenticeships within the County and Worcestershire has seen apprenticeship participation grow four-fold in recent years.

Worcestershire LEP had a target of having over 10,000 active participants in an apprenticeship programme across the county by 2015 and this was achieved early during 2013/14 which saw more than four times the number than in 2011.

During 2013/14, the number of engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships in Worcestershire also grew by almost 12%

In order to help with upskilling the County’s workforce, the Worcestershire LEP continues to work with partner organisations to raise the profile of apprenticeship schemes and the positive contributions they have in providing our younger generations with a bright working future.

Worcestershire LEP and Worcestershire County Council work together to promote the various Worcestershire Apprenticeships event, such as the prestigious annual Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards. Over the last six years, the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards have celebrated the successes of the County’s apprentices, employers, training providers, schools and careers leads.

Alongside the annual Awards, The Worcestershire Apprenticeships team also run the yearly Apprenticeship Show. This event gathers together local employers and training providers to showcase the variety of apprenticeships opportunities available to young people. The 2019 Worcestershire Apprenticeship Show was the highest attended yet with 3,000 attendees coming through to learn more about apprenticeships in the county.

For those seeking more information on local apprenticeship opportunities or employing apprentices, visit the website  www.worcsapprenticeships.org.uk