Flood Resilience Work at Tenbury Wells

Description – Work on plans for a permanent flood defence have progressed following severe flooding events in 2007 and 2014. The Tenbury Flood Alleviation Scheme will reduce flood risk to around 80 homes and 80 businesses. It will keep Tenbury open for business during flood events which, without a scheme, would cut off the town centre and cause damage that would take many months to repair at great expense. The scheme will, no doubt, encourage some local businesses to stay in Tenbury where they may otherwise have closed or gone elsewhere. The scheme will ensure that key traffic routes remain open, further benefitting the wider community in both northern Worcestershire and southern Shropshire.

Awarded Funding – £500K


  • Reduction in flood risk to residential and businesses properties as well as critical infrastructure and environmental assets.
  • Significant support to local economy, reducing risk for future investment in the area and ability to attract new inward investment.
  • This scheme would safeguard 647 FTE jobs in the affected area.

Partners – Environment Agency, Malvern Hills District Council, Worcestershire County Council