Superfast Worcestershire – Rural gigabit connectivity

Description –

This scheme aims to extend gigabit broadband capability to as many rural residential and business premises as feasible, with a particular focus on directing support for the hardest to reach communities in Worcestershire. The Worcestershire LEP will support Worcestershire County Council’s Rural Gigabit Connectivity scheme, helping communities to meet the costs of installation by providing a top up to the DCMS funded Rural Gigabit Connectivity Voucher Scheme. The DCMS Rural Gigabit Vouchers for eligible individual beneficiaries provide for up to £1,500 for residents and up to £3,500 for SME beneficiaries. Worcestershire County Council’s Rural Gigabit Connectivity scheme with support from the WLEP’s GBF enables a top up to these vouchers to a maximum of £3,000 for residential premises and £7,000 for business premises.

Awarded Funding – £500K


  • Improved digital connectivity in rural Worcestershire
  • 2,000 new super/ultrafast broadband connections
  • 200 rural businesses assisted

Partners – Worcestershire County Council, DCMS