Delivering our Future Together – The Power of Local Enterprise Partnerships

For ten years, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have been driving forward inclusive economic growth across the country. They have harnessed the energy and expertise of leaders from 2000 businesses, 180 local authorities and 250 Higher/Further Education organisations.

In the Midlands, LEPs have delivered £4.1 billion of Government investment into our areas, unlocking a further £11.1 billion of match funding from private, public and voluntary, community and Social Enterprise (VSCE) partners. From City Deals to Local Growth Deals, trade and investment to skills training and business support, LEPs have put local people and local places at the heart of their work.

LEP’s flexible and agile response to COVID-19, the EU Exit and future skills challenges has been made possible thanks to the unique way they bring public, private, and academic sectors together to create joined-up solutions.

Together the Midlands LEPs have driven forwards locally informed and sustainable investments creating over 75,000 jobs so far and we are on target to create over 200,000, as we collectively support the COVID-19 recovery and develop opportunities for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

The Midlands is home to over 10 million people and has a £238 billon economy, generating over 12% of the UK’s Gross Value Added.  Building on the strengths of our partnerships and our Growth Hubs, Midlands LEPs have supported over 135,000 businesses to enable them to grow and prosper.

Through our locally-driven insight and collaborative approach with schools, colleges, universities, training providers, employers, and career professionals, we have supported over 40,000 learners to ensure the regions can respond to the future skills needs and that everyone has access to opportunities, no matter what their background.

As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, innovation is a defining characteristic of the Midlands economy, and collectively we have invested over £100 million in research and development. We have worked with universities and businesses to develop innovative products and services to drive international trade, growth and productivity.

With the government’s ambition to evolve the way it supports local growth and levelling up for the long term, LEPs have a critical role to play by building on the their legacy to ensure we collectively maintain our focus on the region’s prosperity and drive forwards the government’s ambitions of a green recovery through improved productivity, skills development and business support for everyone.

Gary Woodman, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: ” Over the last 10 years we have worked with our partners to deliver numerous locally based projects to help deliver our vision for 2040 of a connected, creative, dynamic county for all. Many of these projects have an impact on the wider Midlands and our connectivity to the wider region. You can see from this film the value that the Midlands LEPs have added to the region through collaboration and joint working, whether this is by securing Government investment, raising private sector investment, creating jobs and supporting learners, through energy projects towards net zero, internationalisation and digital such as work on 5G.”

“I am pleased to see our partnership with the Midlands Engine LEPs being recognised and I look forward to seeing this partnership grow further and deliver more benefits for Worcestershire and the wider region in the future.”

A video highlighting the impact created by the Midlands Engine LEPs has also been available as part of the campaign. This can be watched below.

To find out more about the projects being delivered or supported by the Worcestershire LEP, visit the website here. –