Developing and improving leadership in 2021

Following the huge success of the Leadership Development Series in 2020, where over 60 business professionals were transformed into exceptional leaders, the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a new programme for 2021, in partnership with 3WH. With a limited number of places available and in high demand, we are urging businesses to express their interest now in order to secure a place on this sought-after series.

Re-designed to reflect the challenges of the new Covid-working world, this six-part personal leadership programme will focus on the difference between being a manager and a leader. Learn more about what it takes to be an exceptional leader through times of change and uncertainty, build high performing teams and lead change with confidence and conviction.

Presented as interactive workshops, these sessions are designed to develop the future leaders of business, help unlock hidden potential in future CEOs and invest in the future of the people at the heart of businesses.

Events and Training Manager, Olivia Williams, commented: “It has never been so important for organisations to look internally to develop their leaders of tomorrow. 2020 has thrown businesses a number of different challenges that has changed what it means to be a manager and leader. With even more focus on employee wellbeing and strategic thinking, the 2021 Leadership Development Series will be crucial not only for aspiring leaders but also those looking to gain a fresh perspective on what it means to be a manager and a leader through times of change and uncertainty.”

Previous Leadership Development Series have proven a hit, with past attendees commending the opportunity to further their leadership and management skills.

“The Leadership Series has been a great opportunity to refresh my knowledge, collaborate with peers and gain new initiatives to introduce into the business. It has also been a great opportunity to understand how other businesses approach different ideas, and what has been successful and what hasn’t.  I highly recommend anyone that has the ability to influence a business to attend.” – Samantha Lewis, Head of HR, NMITE.

“On my return to the office I found myself implementing some of the techniques learned and used my new skills to think how to maximise individual and team performance. Even though I was unknowingly using emotional intelligence as a business leader before, understanding this subject more has helped me hone these skills, helping me to understand and manage the emotions of others, hopefully inspiring my team, and ultimately become a better leader.”  – Reece James, Operations Director, Rock Power Connections.

Spaces are limited, so those businesses interested are encouraged to book early to guarantee their place. Please visit to book your place or email for further information.