Digital Health Technologies and the West Midlands Health Tech Cluster

The outbreak of coronavirus has hastened the use of technology to diagnose and treat healthcare issues remotely. Patients across the country are now becoming accustomed to relying on remote healthcare services such as NHS 111, virtual GP appointments, and online deliveries.

5G technology will be key in providing the infrastructure required to deliver remote health services over the next decade. By design, 5G’s ability to deliver real-time information (low latency), ultra-fast speeds (critical for high definition images and video), increased capacity and heightened security are going to be fundamental in scaling the patient benefits of remote healthcare and keeping medical records secure and private.  The West Midlands 5G testbed has already showcased examples of 5G technology in healthcare, such as the use of live video streaming to provide specialist advice to ambulance paramedics.

Furthermore, health sector expert and former MP, David Kidney who has recently been appointed to head up the development of a new West Midlands Health Tech Cluster has indicated the importance of Digital health technologies as essential tools in the ongoing response to the global COVID-19 pandemic: “Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, 5G and robotics can provide valuable and innovative solutions for patient treatment, frontline protection, risk reduction, communications and improved quality of living under lockdown as the world continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Currently the Chief Executive of the UK Public Health Register, David has been appointed to lead the development of a Health Technologies Cluster Organisation, which will support the creation of the brand-new cluster.  His responsibilities will include establishing the requirements of the nascent West Midlands Health Technologies Cluster, engaging with life science and associated business bases to raise awareness of the plans for the Cluster and securing commitment from prospective members and stakeholders.

The Worcestershire 5G testbed has been working alongside the West Midlands 5G testbed to improve the regions connectivity and provide real world business case studies of how 5G can improve productivity within organisations.

For further information about the West Midlands Health Technologies Cluster, please contact the Worcestershire 5G team by emailing