Do you ‘do’ cyber? By Stuart Wilkes, Editor of Cyber Insights for the National Cyber Skills Centre

Many businesses can dismiss all things cyber as being too technical, it can be ‘geek speak’ or is of no interest to them. In fact you could say they don’t ‘do’ cyber. However can anybody afford not to ‘do’ cyber? Ambivalence or a full on rejection of cyber is not a healthy place to be at present – be that personally, or professionally.

Because technology touches almost every element of business from ordering products and services, to communication to logistics, then by association cyber also touches it. The huge success of the interconnected economy that has benefited us all in this early part of the 21st century has its dark side – cyber crime.

Any business can do a quick simple ‘self audit’ by asking themselves – Does their business use a smart phone? If the answer is YES, then they ‘do’ cyber! How come? Well a smartphone contains personal information, ranging from contact details through to photographs and in ever increasing numbers – financial and payment information. If that information fell into the hands of a criminal, or a hacker, would the business be at risk? Potentially it would.

This audit can be expanded further to email systems, data storage, HR records and more. All of it is potentially a cyber risk and businesses need to start looking in detail as to how they are protecting it.

There isn’t a single body that is going to enforce businesses to become cyber aware; it’s up to them. But they should be under no illusion – they ‘do’ cyber.


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