Do you want financial support to upskill your staff?

SkillsBoost Worcestershire is a new programme to help organisations with the costs of upskilling and training their employees.

In today’s competitive landscape, the requirement for enhanced skills and training poses a significant hurdle for many businesses, not just in Worcestershire but nationwide. Recognising this challenge, Worcestershire’s District Councils working with the County Council, has rolled out an innovative programme, designed to make training more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Worcestershire organisations can claim back 50% of the training costs back, up to £6,000, for their Worcestershire based employees. This means that the new funding can allow organisations to upskill or redeploy their employees to maximise their effectiveness.

Businesses of any size and sector are eligible for the programme as long as the employees they are looking to upskill or retrain reside in Worcestershire. The SkillsBoost programme is being delivered in collaboration with Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership and Worcestershire Growth Hub.

Funding for the SkillsBoost programme is limited on a first come first served basis and is only available from Tuesday 2 April 2024 until 31 March 2025.

Judy Gibbs, Director of Skills for the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership and Head of Service for Skills and Investment at Worcestershire County Council, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer support to organisations looking to upskill or retrain their staff. Skills and training is always a challenge area which our business community report back to us, so we want to make it easier for local organisations to undertake training for their local employees.

“I’d like to encourage any organisations interested to contact the Worcestershire Growth Hub team and start their application today.”

To find out more about SkillsBoost and start your application, contact the Worcestershire Growth Hub team.

Call – 01905 677888

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SkillsBoost is funded via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, distributed via all the District Councils in Worcestershire and delivered in partnership between Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire Growth Hub.