DronePrep and Royal Mail Project successfully delivers

BetaDen’s Entrepreneur in Residence, DronePrep has enrolled Royal Mail onto their Isles of Scilly Airbridge project to successfully deliver parcels to the Isles of Scilly via autonomous drone.

Royal Mail has become the first UK parcel carrier to use a drone to deliver parcels to a UK island in a 70 mile out-of-sight autonomous flight. This was part of the trial of a series of autonomous and scheduled flights established by Royal Mail.

The Government-funded project will have a focus on helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering PPE and Excalibur Healthcare Services Antigen testing kits to the islands’ most vulnerable and remote communities.

DronePrep works with end users, ground and airspace stakeholders to unlock suitable locations and routes for safe drone use in the UK. The company playing the leading role in this trial project  showcases its pioneering service and expertise in the industry.

Following on from this good news, it was also announced that DronePrep has recently been appointed as BetaDen’s first Entrepreneur in Residence. (https://www.wlep.co.uk/betaden-appoints-first-entrepreneur-in-residence/ )

The company will work with current cohort members and offer guidance and support, helping these businesses on their journey’s. DronePrep has previously taken part in the BetaDen programme and is able to provide advice from its unique perspective of having lived the same journey as the new cohort members.

Gareth Whatmore, Co-founder and CEO of DronePrep, said: “The Isles of Scilly Airbridge project has given us the opportunity to understand how multiple drone delivery platforms can be utilised to overcome and solve real world logistical challenges.

“With the introduction of drones to complement existing supply chains we have huge opportunity to improve the island connection. It has been a privilege to lead on this project and bring together leading UK drone companies and real end users like Royal Mail and Excalibur Healthcare Services to all learn together how we can use drones to improve the robustness of delivery to remote communities.

“During the pandemic Betaden has incubated and supported our business, enabling growth and development on the Isles of Scilly project, the growth of our software platform and helping us grow our offer. It is privilege to have the opportunity to join the talented team of mentors supporting Cohort 4. There are some incredible businesses here in Worcestershire.”

Linda Smith, Founder and CEO of BetaDen said: “We’re excited to appoint DronePrep as BetaDen’s first entrepreneur in residence. They made tremendous progress during their time in the accelerator – working as part of a consortia to trial drone delivery of medical supplies for the NHS during the pandemic and now being a part of this autonomous drone delivery trial with Royal Mail.

“As recent graduates of the BetaDen programme, they have lived and breathed the challenges our current cohort are facing along their journey towards commercialisation and, as such, will be able to provide unique insights and understanding to both our current cohort and the wider BetaDen eco-system.”

Find out more about the Royal Mail project on DronePrep’s website here. – https://droneprep.uk/content/droneprep-and-royal-mail-drone-delivery-to-the-scilly-isles
To learn more about BetaDen and their accelerator programme, visit their website here. – https://www.beta-den.com/