Duomo UK supporting the local and global pursuit of returning to normality.

An innovative Worcestershire business has been instrumental in supporting the country to return to a degree of normality. Things have changed for everyone and getting back to seeing family and friends, and doing the things we love, safely, is something which appeals to everyone.

Duomo UK, based in Droitwich Spa, has played a huge part in enabling this. Over the last eighteen months they have been part of the UK Government’s Event Research Programme, providing Carbon Dioxide monitors for the UEFA European Championship Finals at Wembley stadium, the BRIT Awards at O2 arena and Royal Ascot as well as some of the most prestigious music events, sports stadia, government building and many schools, offices, kitchens, and laboratories globally.

These CO2 monitors display and record the amount of carbon dioxide in air. A good indicator of sufficient ventilation is the level of CO2 in air. Scientific evidence confirms that the higher the levels of CO2, the more the risk of airborne viral transmission between occupants of indoor environments.

The business has developed a range of products which see advanced roaming monitors with features such as app connectivity, Bluetooth, Wireless and traffic light display, along with temperature and relative humidity and particulate monitoring included as standard and in doing so, it has secured them as a major player in worldwide indoor air quality devices.

With scalable solutions that allow organisation to set up customable dashboards, they offer a complete turnkey networked solution and there are few applications that these monitors cannot interface with.

Duomo UK have recently supplied Birmingham City Council, University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Hall. This data has allowed these organisation   to track and react to CO2 levels in real time and change the indoor ventilation as required.

Phillip Wild, Technical Director of Duomo UK states “We are committed to supporting the safe opening of indoor spaces, including schools, office and retail and leisure environments, and supporting these spaces as we take this next step safely. We believe that by offering quality monitors to overcome current issues and requirements, we are allowing people and organisations to take control of their environments and have confidence as we make steps to return to normal”

Find out more about Duomo and their CO2 monitors on their website here. – www.duomo.co.uk