Empowering Worcestershire Businesses for the Future

Worcestershire businesses can now access valuable support to enhance their Workforce Planning through a comprehensive digital platform.

The Worcestershire Workforce Planning Platform is designed to help businesses understand the significance of Workforce Planning and equip them for future success.

Workforce Planning is crucial in supporting organisations to navigate 21st Century business challenges and introduces a people-first approach to talent and skills. It analyses the company culture and the current needs of the workforce vs the future needs of the workforce. This process enables businesses to build a robust company culture and ensure their workforce has the skills, knowledge and behaviours for organisational success in the future.

The workforce is the driving force behind the achievement of business strategy and sustainability. By taking a pro-active, long-term people focussed approach businesses can ensure they have the right workforce, at the right time. This workforce will support innovation and growth whilst overcoming recruitment and retention challenges, skills shortages, and continuous change.

The Worcestershire Workforce Planning Platform guides businesses through the various stages of the Workforce Planning process. It provides practical advice and guidance at each step, making the process straightforward and manageable. Key features include:

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Detailed instructions on how to assess company culture, as well as current and future workforce capabilities, and create plans to build a robust culture and a strong workforce.
  • Practical Advice: Resources and support documents which provide more information on Workforce Planning and share best practice on overcoming common industry challenges and skills shortages. The resources and support documents have been designed to help users through each step of the Workforce Planning process.
  • Flexible Usage: The Platform is designed to be user-friendly allowing businesses to work through it at their own pace, and has an in-built assessment tool which will recommend the development of plans most aligned with current and specific business needs.

The Platform was developed in response to feedback from Worcestershire organisations, aiming to help local employers initiate and improve their workforce planning efforts. By utilising the Platform, businesses can:

  • Strengthen their Workforce: Identify and address gaps in skills, behaviours, and competencies to build a stronger, more resilient team.
  • Strengthen Working Practices: Analyse and improve current working practices to enhance recruitment and retention.
  • Prepare for the Future: Anticipate future industry trends and challenges, and plan accordingly to stay ahead and successfully achieve business goals.
  • Optimise Resource Allocation: Ensure they have the resources they need to innovate, grow, and sustain the business in an ever-changing and challenging business environment.

The Worcestershire Workforce Planning Platform is completely free to use. Businesses can register for the Platform at any time, create workforce plans at their own pace, and monitor their progress. By leveraging this Platform Worcestershire businesses can future proof their business, building resilience and agility into the organisation.

For more information and to access the toolkit, visit the Worcestershire Growth Hub website here: Workforce Planning – Worcestershire Growth Hub