Experts to discuss reducing cost and risk associated with water waste and pollution events

The Sustainability Forum is a series of free events aimed at helping businesses draw upon good practice from industry experts and local businesses to help promote sustainable business practices, particularly focusing on resource efficiency.

Due to COVID19 the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce together with the Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) are now hosting these events online.

The Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) provides free advice and grants up to £20,000 for eligible businesses based in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire & Telford to implement resource efficiency projects. BEEP is receiving funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

In an environment where we are witnessing businesses introduce cost-cutting measures, the first ever online Sustainability Forum, to be held Wednesday 3 June from 10.00am, will look at how businesses can save money and will focus on Managing water costs and the risk associated with pollution events. The webinar will provide businesses with a chance to hear from experts in water waste management and spill containment industry who will be talking attendees through how they can reduce costs and risks on the above mentioned topics.

The average business uses 30% more water than they need which raises the question are businesses managing their water and related costs as effectively as they could?

Richard Butler is the Managing Director of Water Audit Surveys Ltd in Worcester. He has spent 25 years advising businesses on how to manage their water costs and working with them to achieve savings. He will be giving an insight into how to manage and reduce water bills whilst improving water quality. Richard is also a Director of H2oiq Ltd that specialise in the design and manufacture of water saving devices and is involved in other aspects of the improvement of the commercial buildings environment.

This information will be of relevance to any business using water in their process or with a larger workforce and associated hygiene facilities.

Pollution incidents are costly and complicated, especially for those in the manufacturing, construction, transport or logistics industries, who are at greater risk of pollution incidents occurring. David Cole is Technical Director at Sandfield Penstock Solutions in Stourport. With 30 years in the spill containment industry he is recognised by the regulator (Environment Agency), David will be talking about company obligations around pollution containment, risks and how you can mitigate these to give businesses an idea how to introduce measures to contain a pollution event, avoiding environmental damage and protecting against prosecution, fines and clean-up costs.

This event will take place on Wednesday 3 June from 10.00am, to register, attendees must first book their place online here. Once registered, they will receive a password before the webinar is due to take place.

For any further information or to book onto the first ever online Sustainability Forum, please contact the chamber Events team on 01905 673 600 or email