Worcestershire LEP has clear Governance arrangements in place to deliver EU and Growth Deal programmes so that the funding the county has received works to deliver the 10-year Strategic Economic Plan.

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WLEP Structure and Board Minutes


Worcestershire LEP Assurance Statement

Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership prides itself on being an open and transparent organisation.

As such, Worcestershire LEP welcomed the Review of Local Enterprise Partnership Governance and Transparency by Mary Ney (published October 2017) and the Strengthened Local Enterprise Partnerships report (published July 2018) from government, which provided LEPs with some clear recommendations on best practice governance arrangements.

Over the last 12 months, Worcestershire LEP have implemented several recommendations from the LEP Review within the timescales set out by government and in parallel undertook an annual update of our Local Assurance Framework in May 2019.

Our LEP Board remains business-focussed, with new additions, as private sector members come to the end of their terms of office. The Board sets clear strategic priorities identified through our Strategic Economic Plan and this year has reviewed the vision of the partnership by providing strategic leadership.  The Board is led by a strong private sector Chair supported by a balance of public, private and education sector partners.

2019/20 has seen a real focus on developing our future economic strategy for the county to 2040, this is informed by an ambitious vision and exciting pipeline of schemes which would deliver further economic growth and productivity improvements for Worcestershire.  This work has been underpinned by robust and extensive stakeholder engagement and will be crystallised in our Local Industrial Strategy (LIS), which we intend to publish by the summer of 2020.

As you would expect, the organisational structure of the LEP has continued to evolve in 2019/20 to suit the thematic priorities of the organisation.  For example, this year we established a LIS Steering Group to inform the development of this work.  Similarly, we have also established a county-wide Energy Programme Board to oversee the implementation of our Energy strategy and to ensure it delivers on the strategic objectives set out.

We will continue to review the Worcestershire LEP organisational structure in 2020/21 to ensure it remains agile and fit for purpose to deliver on all our strategic priorities.  Our extensive stakeholder engagement programme which has been crucial in informing the development of our LIS has enabled the Worcestershire LEP Board and Executive to review the way the partnership engages with businesses in Worcestershire moving forward.  As a result, in 2020 the WLEP will adopt a different approach from a Business Board to ensure the County’s businesses continue to have the right platform to exchange knowledge, provide intelligence and become more involved in the delivery of our future strategy.

A core element of the success of Worcestershire LEP to date is the effective and trusted relationships that have been developed with partner organisations.  The LEP encourages partners to collaborate and challenge each other in order to maintain and deliver the high ambitions we collectively hold for the county.  We are active members of the Midlands Engine and are working in partnership with West Midlands 5G to secure the knowledge and learning from the 5G test bed focused on Industry 4.0 here in Worcestershire.

We have always taken a proactive approach to Governance and Transparency as evidenced by our attendance at the Accountable Body’s Overview and Scrutiny Performance Board in May 2019, which is an annual exercise (at a minimum) to ensure we are held accountable to the local area we serve.  In May 2019, we also received acknowledgement from CLGU’s compliance team that our Local Assurance Framework was compliant with National best practice.

Looking ahead, we will be holding our Annual Conference on 31 March 2020 where we will once again be welcoming delegates from the public, private, education and third sectors to showcase our achievements as a partnership and looking ahead to some of the challenges on the horizon.

We remain steadfastly committed to continuous improvement and fully recognise that our approach needs to be constantly challenged, tested and revised to ensure that we continue to exceed the expectations placed on us in our use of public sector resources.

Joint Statement from Chair, Mark Stansfeld and CEO, Gary Woodman on 17 February 2020

WLEP Local Assurance Framework

The Worcestershire LEP Local Assurance framework can be accessed below and is in place to ensure appropriate decision making processes are followed.

Worcestershire LEP Local Assurance Framework (May 2019)

A number of other frameworks are also in place. These can be viewed below:

Worcestershire Local Transport Board Framework 
Skills Capital Assurance Framework
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

If you have any questions regarding the Local Assurance Framework please contact the team at 

Declarations of Interest

This policy exists to ensure that any conflicts of interest which may arise in the Worcestershire LEP’s decision-making processes are managed and recorded properly.

This protects the integrity of our decision-making processes, enables stakeholders to have confidence in our decision-making, and protects the reputation of the LEP and members of its boards.

An “interest” may include employment, other appointments (including trusteeships, directorships, elected office), memberships (whether corporate or personal), investments, shareholdings, land and property, intellectual property, customer/client relationships, use of the LEP’s services or anything else which could (or could be perceived to) impact on the member’s ability to act independently. This list is not exhaustive, and the presumption should be in favour of including anything which could conceivably be considered to be an interest, even if it is felt unlikely to arise.

The policy is in two parts:

  • Maintaining a record of all interests
  • Managing potential conflicts of interest

The Worcestershire LEP Board’s and Senior Staff Members’ Declaration of Interests can be viewed here:

Worcestershire LEP Board

Worcestershire LEP Executive team

The Declarations of Interest for each relevant group will be updated each year.

Complaints & Whistleblowing

WLEP is committed to dealing with any complaints fairly, impartially, and confidentially, and has set out a clear 3 stage policy for handling complaints.

The WLEP Complaint Policy is available here.

The WLEP Whistleblowing policy is available here.

Section 151 Officer

The current Section 151 Officer at Worcestershire County Council is Michael Hudson (Chief Financial Officer) and his nominee with delegated responsibility for this area is Stephanie Simcox (Head of Finance).