Declarations of Interest

This policy exists to ensure that any conflicts of interest which may arise in the Worcestershire LEP’s decision-making processes are managed and recorded properly.

This protects the integrity of our decision-making processes, enables stakeholders to have confidence in our decision-making, and protects the reputation of the LEP and members of its boards.

An “interest” may include employment, other appointments (including trusteeships, directorships, elected office), memberships (whether corporate or personal), investments, shareholdings, land and property, intellectual property, customer/client relationships, use of the LEP’s services or anything else which could (or could be perceived to) impact on the member’s ability to act independently. This list is not exhaustive, and the presumption should be in favour of including anything which could conceivably be considered to be an interest, even if it is felt unlikely to arise.

The policy is in two parts:

  • Maintaining a record of all interests
  • Managing potential conflicts of interest

The Worcestershire LEP Board’s and Senior Staff Members’ Declaration of Interests can be viewed here:

Worcestershire LEP Board

Worcestershire LEP Executive team

The Declarations of Interest for each relevant group will be updated each year.