Government reaffirms commitment to lead the world in cost-effective clean growth

An ambitious strategy has been launched to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change while growing the economy, creating new jobs and keeping bills down.

The Clean Growth Strategy, a key part of the Industrial Strategy, sets out how the UK can take full advantage of the opportunities for industry, working people and consumers while meeting the country’s commitments to tackle climate change – an area in which the UK is already a global leader, seeing emissions reduced and national incomes rise faster per person than any other G7 nation since 1990.

Clean growth can make a real difference to people’s lives – cutting bills, improving air quality, and helping create high quality jobs and boost earning power for people across the country and protecting the environment. The Clean Growth Strategy will help the UK transition towards a low-carbon future that will be good for both the environment as well as for people’s everyday lives.

Government is setting out how over £2.5 billion will be invested to support low carbon innovation over the next six years, part of the largest increase in public spending on science, research and innovation in over three decades. Funding is also being made available to encourage people to take up more environmentally friendly modes of transport and to develop energy-efficient vehicles.

Over 430,000 people across the UK are employed in the low-carbon sector both directly and through supply chains. The low-carbon economy could grow 11% each year, there are huge benefits of a clean growth future for industry and workers, as well as for the country’s prosperity and productivity.

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