Green Lighting Ltd. honoured by HRH The Princess Royal for using training to boost business growth

Award winning designer and manufacturer of lighting concepts Green Lighting Ltd., who are based at the Great Western Business Park in Worcester, is celebrating after being commended for its commitment to training and skills development by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, at a ceremony at St James’s Palace in London on Thursday afternoon.

The Worcester based business was one of 34 organisations honoured with a Princess Royal Training Award for creating lasting impact by successfully linking their skills development needs to business performance. The winners, including prestigious car manufacturers, healthcare organisations and charities, all demonstrated that training can make a significant impact on productivity and business success.

The judges were particularly impressed by Green Lighting’s continual professional development programme tailored on an individualised basis and that they embrace the invitational approach to an individual’s career path in step with that of the business and its growth.

The Princess Royal Training Awards were delivered for the first time this year by the City & Guilds Group. Each of the 110 applications was assessed against three Hallmarks of Excellence and the Princess Royal Training Awards Commission, which comprised HRH The Princess Royal and ten leading figures in the business and learning & development community.

Commenting on the award, Managing Director, Anthony Ottway, said: ‘I am delighted that our dedication to training and development has been recognised in this way. At Green Lighting Ltd. we place a premium on ensuring that our employees and managers have the chance to learn and grow in their roles. We understand that this is not only good for them but it is vital to the success of the business.’

City & Guilds Group Chief Executive, Chris Jones, added: ‘All of the successful organisations deserve enormous praise. I hope these awards have shone a light on how important it is for businesses to invest in training to boost their productivity, address skills gaps and develop their leaders. This has never mattered more than in today’s uncertain economy. I hope this year’s winners inspire other organisations to share their experiences, and put forward their training and development success stories.’

The awards are open for pre-registration at the Prince Royal Training Awards website and applications will be accepted from 3 January 2017.

Read The Princess Royal’s foreword to the City and Guilds Group Commissioners’ Report here.

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