Healthtech firm launches new way of calculating body composition

3D body scanning firm Select Research, along with its scientific collaborators, has launched the BVI Pro demo app for health risk assessment.

Body Volume Indicator (BVI) technology is a way of calculating body composition from a mobile device and provides key health risk indicators such as visceral fat, total body fat, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio, without the need for additional hardware.

Dr Philippa Ward from the University of Gloucestershire, who conducted comparisons of BVI against bio-impedance devices explained the potential value of a new method to measure body composition.

Dr Philippa Ward, said: “This smartphone-based system is simple and quick to use, giving results that compare with market-leading bio-impedance machines, making understanding and tracking key health indicators easier for individuals.”

With the technology, users can gain additional body composition data which gives access to key health indicators to highlight those most at risk and provide us with a greater understanding of health outcomes.

BVI Pro is portable, instant and available for wherever a patient feels most comfortable – aiming to allow healthcare professionals to process and track key health risk indicators remotely.

Select Research say the benefits of its products compared to BMI are:

    – BMI is used to measure obesity using total weight; whereas BVI works out where the weight is. Using extensive MRI and 3D data, this means visceral fat, a key indicator of risk, can be calculated.
    – NICE and WHO both offer guidance on using waist circumference or Waist to Hip ratio in addition to BMI. BVI now does this automatically without using a tape measure.
    – BVI does not require buying a device whereas other methods, such as bio-impedance, need another device to deliver the results.

Richard Barnes, CEO at Select Research, said: “Developed with our international collaborators using the latest tech, BVI is as simple to use as BMI, but provides much more. By identifying where body fat is, we can better understand potential health risks and BVI can deliver these just by using a smartphone or tablet”.