Enterprising Worcestershire grant enables Worcestershire firm to accelerate their business

Worcestershire-based Architects Herlig Marles have been able to accelerate their business with funding support from Enterprising Worcestershire.

Anita and Vanessa decided to form their own architects in Worcester called Herlig Marles. Anita specialised in using 2D CAD software, whilst Vanessa mainly worked with 3D. They were keen to bring the two together, but found it difficult to get going with a lack of finance. As a result, they looked around for available funding, which is when they came across Enterprising Worcestershire – a European Regional Development Funded programme.

Worcestershire County Council helped to make the application stages simple and when Herlig Marles received funding, it gave them a leg up and accelerated how quickly they could work on projects together.

After being granted the funding, they found that the computerised designs system they had bought could be used with virtual reality goggles which made them realise the business’ potential was immense. They’ve received amazing reactions from clients and are now even taking the goggles to careers fairs to entertain and encourage young people who are interested in Architecture as a career path.

The funding from Enterprising Worcestershire was a tremendous help to Herlig Marles which has helped them grow to the next level.

To read more about this case study and hear from Herlig Marles, visit the Worcestershire Business Central website here.

For more information on Enterprising Worcestershire, contact the Worcestershire Business Central team on 01905 677888 or email info@business-central.co.uk