International Cyber firm starts Security Seminars

Businesses and organisations are invited to attend the first of a unique event series “Biometrics and border control” in the county.

The organisers of the seminar are IDmap UK, a company that brings international knowledge on Security and protection into the Worcestershire business environment. They utilise training that combines physical meetings together with online exercising and testing.

The newly setup Worcestershire based firm are providing the opportunity to learn first-hand knowledge from an International team of Biometric researchers, scientists and leaders, who will showcase and discuss the latest biometric technology developments, equipment, data protection and regulations.

The event will take place on 9 July at Malvern Hills Science Park and is aimed at those wishing to learn more about Biometric technologies and will be of particular interest to security professionals.

Participants of this full day training Seminar will enjoy an intimate atmosphere of learning in a small group, meeting industry specialists and establishing professional connections, first-hand knowledge, and learning materials.

The international lecturers and experts for the event are Dr. Clive Summerfield, CEO of Auraya Systems, former founding CEO of Biometric Institute. Dr. Richard Warnes, member of Steering Committee of the European Experts Network on Terrorism Issues and Kenneth Long, CEO of Factor 3 Global and of the International Association of Behaviour Detection and Analysis.

Dr. Marina Shorer of IDmap UK said: “It’s crucially important to learn about biometrics and border control, because biometrical detectors surround us everywhere: they collect our body measures from smart-phone finger scanners and high-quality cameras cached by applications. Even those who try to escape being identified and catalogued, find themselves digitalised in endless databases of face-recognition and audio-recognition appliances on streets, malls, medical centres and parking slots.

Biometric abilities to identify and authorize people for access have both negative and positive aspects. The ongoing booming of the industrial progress brings in crucial ability of the criminals to hack any electronic device be it a home PC or a mobile device, or even a Smart TV or a Smart car. Those criminals able to highjack personal passwords and data, are also capable to crucially replicate any identification documentation such as ID cards, passports and driving licences. Thus, biometrics offer an additional layer of protection of a person’s identity. Of course, it’s very important to know how to regulate and collect databases of biometric information and therefore training and practical programs as the ones we are introducing are of high importance”.

To book your place for the event, visit their website.

For more information on the event and media enquires please contact Dr. Marina Shorer by phoning +44-20-8242-1963