Invitation to attend Electricity Local Investment Workshop

Western Power Distribution(WPD) are inviting local residents and businesses to attend their Electricity Network Workshop to learn the latest about the investment into growing and supporting the network.

WPD are investing £7.1 billion across their network in the current price control period (2015–2023) to improve reliability, upgrade assets and equipment, and provide additional capacity for new connections.

The electricity grid is changing rapidly as the move to a smart network becomes more apparent. There are a number of challenges to this as new homes, commercial developments and low carbon technologies are looking to connect. In addition, there is a need to build a network that can accommodate the projected increase in electric vehicles.

It is important that WPD support growth in the region while also helping to facilitate the transition to a zero carbon economy. In order to do this effectively, WPD are holding a series of workshops at depots across their network to update individuals on the investment being made in the region and learn more about the ambitions so that they can build an electricity network that meets future needs.

The topics covered at these workshops will include:
• Constraints and capacity issues;
• The growth agenda, including Local Plans;
• The electric vehicle charging network and other low carbon technologies;
• Planned local investment; and
• The transition to a smart network.

These workshops will also provide the opportunity to get to know the local Depot Managers and their teams to assist with working together more effectively in the future.

Attendees will include: planning officers; elected councillors; LEPs; housing and commercial developers; business representatives; and other key stakeholders with an interest in helping to facilitate the growth agenda and drive the transition to a zero carbon economy.

The Worcestershire workshop will be included within the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire piece and will be held at the Saw Mill End, Corinium Avenue, Gloucester, GL4 3BH.

To confirm a place at the event, follow the link here to the registration website.