ISO Quality Services Ltd leads the way in mental health at work

Employees at Worcester-based management consultants, ISO Quality Services Ltd, have been benefitting from an unusual source of support recently. Having previously enjoyed physical activities and healthy meals together, employees are now embracing the trend to invest time in developing good mental health practices, supported by the firm’s decision to bring in a mental health nurse once a month.

The move, believed to be the first for a smaller business in Worcestershire, sees Carie Workman, a Registered Mental Health Nurse, regularly spending time talking to each participating employee one-on-one in the firm’s relaxation room.

MD, Jennifer Semini, comments, “Although we were taking a number of measures to help protect our staff from mental ill health such as offering flexible hours and providing ample training and a supportive culture, when we heard that 1 in 4 employees suffer poor mental health, we wanted to do more. Having Carie on board is fantastic for us and she’s done a great job at getting to know our team. This will help her identify anyone who is beginning to struggle within a mental health issue so she can suggest early intervention. Our team tell us that opening up to someone you’ve built a relationship with is far easier than going to the GP, so we hope having Carie here will help them seek help before problems escalate.”

The firm, which has just been accredited to Level Two of Worcestershire Works Well, has welcomed the recent news that schools will be doing more to protect the mental health of students. Jennifer comments, “It’s fantastic that the employees of the future will be entering the workplace with a better idea of how to look after their mental wellbeing, however, we believe that responsible employers should also ensure that they include mental wellbeing as part of their health and safety processes.”

To find out more about this initiative, please contact Jennifer via email here.


Pictured: ISO Quality Services Limited’s Worcestershire Works Well team including Debbie Farr, HR and Facilities Director, on the left and Jennifer Semini, MD, on the right