Junior Intern takes part in Worcestershire Parkway visit

Earlier this year Middle School pupils attended a visit to Worcestershire Parkway site to learn more about what happens during the planning and construction phases of this major project; one of Worcestershire’s biggest and most impressive infrastructure schemes to date.

The Middle School pupils were also joined by a Worcester Sixth Form student, Alistair Weatherby, who is taking part in the Junior Internship Programme inaugural cohort, a new pilot scheme where students are linked with local employers for mentoring and work experience opportunities.

The Junior Internship Programme(JIP) is entering its second year following its pilot which helped 14 students from Worcester Sixth Form and Heart of Worcestershire College, by providing the opportunity to be linked to a Worcestershire employer for the two-year programme.

During this time, each student matched with an employer for two weeks of work experience each year (four weeks in total), with monthly mentoring provided by that employer.  Recruitment for the 2nd cohort of Junior Interns is underway and students from Worcester Sixth Form and Heart of Worcestershire College can apply by completing the online sign up form.

The JIP Programme has already seen great success with two interns being offered full time roles with British Sports car manufacturer Morgan Motor Company. Morgan Motor Company’s experience demonstrates the Programme as being a valuable recruitment onboarding strategy, to secure high quality employees and retain our valuable talent within the county.

For more information on the Junior Internship Programme, visit the webpage here.