Local Skills Report launched to help create the county’s Future Workforce

The Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has launched a new Local Skills Report to outline the aims for skills development in the county.

The updated Local Skills Report for 2022 onwards will be embedded in the Worcestershire LEP’s people strategy and will contribute to the economic recovery post-COVID and the continued sustainable growth of the Worcestershire economy.

People is one of the 5 pillars steering the delivery of the Worcestershire LEP, helping to develop programmes and projects which are working to create and upskill the county’s future and existing workforce through a variety of schemes.

As well as highlighting the challenges facing our skills projects, the Local Skills Report also features a Skills Action Plan which covers 5 priorities which the Worcestershire LEP will work with partners to ensure are met.

Judy Gibbs, Director of Skills for the Worcestershire LEP, said: “ I am pleased to launch the new Local Skills Report for Worcestershire. We have already achieved a great deal in our efforts as a county to create and upskill our workforce, but we need to be prepared for how to overcome the challenges we will face in the coming years.

“With recruitment challenges being a key issue for many businesses, I’d like to reach out and encourage any Worcestershire employers, no matter your size or sector, to engage with the Careers Hub team. Together we can help address those recruitment issues with strategies designed to create the county’s future workforce.”

Worcestershire has numerous schemes available which are designed to help employers to upskill, recruit and develop their workforce for the future. Employers can access these programmes by contacting the Worcestershire Careers Hub team, via the Worcestershire Growth Hub using the details at the end of this article.

The Local Skills Report links into the Worcestershire LEP’s Plan for Growth, which was launched in Autumn of 2021, outlining the 2040 vision for the county and the work that will be delivered to ensure this vision becomes a reality for the county.

To access and view the new Local Skills Report, follow the link here. – https://www.wlep.co.uk/worcestershire-local-skills-report/

To find out more about the programmes which can support your business, contact the Careers Hub by emailing info@business-central.co.uk or phoning 01905 677 888.