Low Carbon Opportunities Programme Extended for Three More Years

A programme helping businesses across Worcestershire to generate their own energy, has been extended for another three years.

The project also allows businesses to develop goods and service that reduce carbon impact, as well as creating their own energy. The European Regional Development Fund has awarded the scheme a grant of over £1.6 million.

Over the last three years, the Low Carbon Opportunities Programme (LOCOP), managed by Worcestershire County Council has provided technical advice and support to over 80 businesses and £822,000 in grant funding.

Most of the renewable energy grants awarded have been for solar PV systems to generate clean electricity, reducing bills and the need for fossil fuels. Other low carbon energy generation technologies that have featured in grant funded projects included heat pumps, bio-mass and battery storage solutions.

The other strand of the programme supports businesses in the clean tech innovation sector or those who wanted to diversify into this sector through the development of new low carbon technologies which will help others to be green.

Worcestershire is a hot bed of innovation and one example of innovation which has been grant funded is the HERU (Home Energy Resources Unit) which takes domestic waste and turns it into heat for use in the home.

The Programme will also offer a series of events, working alongside local partners, to provide further support and learning opportunities to businesses.

The LOCOP programme will continue until September 2022.

Worcestershire County Council Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Tony Miller commented: We are very delighted that the Low Carbon Opportunities Programme will be continuing for another three years.  We will be able to provide further advice to businesses, supported by grants to help business not only tackle their own energy needs, but also help the development of products and services that are better for the environment and our future.”

Businesses interested in the programme are invited to get in touch to find out more by visiting the Worcestershire Business Central website.