Malvern-based Select Research launches revolutionary new health application in America

Malvern-based Select Research have successfully launched their newly-developed Body Volume Indicator (BVI) application in America.

The Malvern Hills Science Park-based business revealed their Body Volume Indicator tablet application on 1 May 2017 as a modern day measurement of body composition and weight distribution, following a 10-year collaboration with Mayo Clinic experts and support from the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership.

In conjunction with the development of BVI, BVI America LLC, a subsidiary of 3D measurement pioneer Select Research, announced the launch of the revolutionary BVI Pro tablet application which will provide an easily accessible and affordable means for the professional community.

The product draws on 10 years of rigorous research, testing and validation using several potential Body Volume indices. Now BVI, calculated as a ratio between total volume and abdominal volume, can be used as a supplement to the current measurement standard of BMI, which is based solely on height and weight. BVI is considered to be a more precise means of estimating weight distribution and the fat around the organs, which is not visible to the human eye and can lead to serious health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

The medical and professional community at large is now being invited to contribute to the continued development of BVI by downloading and using the BVI Pro tablet application with their patients and clients.

Richard Barnes, CEO of Select Research, said: “The idea for BVI was born out of the realisation that using external measurements was just one piece of the puzzle and rather than just accepting this as the standard, we needed to measure internal factors as well.

“Thanks to the support from Mayo Clinic and our other global collaborators, BVI – delivered through the BVI Pro app – can now help effectively identify and manage health risks, based upon a person’s weight distribution, in a cost-effective way, providing something of real value for the professional community in the U.S., and eventually globally.”

Gary Woodman, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “It is fantastic to see that Select Research have been able to launch such a revolutionary innovation in the health industry, one which has the potential to be used around the world.

“We are very pleased to have supported the development of Select Research’s product, which is now being used in overseas markets. Innovations such as the Body Volume Index highlight the far-reaching impact that businesses from Worcestershire are having in modern and dynamic industries.”

In conjunction with the introduction of the BVI Pro app, BVI America is launching the #SpeakVolumes initiative to educate, engage with and inspire the professional community to change the way they measure and talk about body composition with their patients. The aim, with the help of the scientific community, is to make BVI a viable and credible “index” by 2020.

The BVI Pro app is now available to download on iPads via the App Store.

For more information about the Body Volume Indicator and the BVI Pro tablet app, visit the bodyvolume website.

To participate in the #SpeakVolumes conversation, visit the Body Volume website and follow @bodyvolume on Twitter and Facebook.


Pictured: Select Research have launched their new Body Volume Indicator app in America