More Worcestershire Businesses Sign Up To Become County Champions

Last month a further 20 businesses and organisations signed up in support of the new initiative to promote Worcestershire, following a series of events.

The Worcestershire 1000 is a network of companies, organisations and individuals working together to showcase the county locally, nationally and internationally. The events, organised by the Worcestershire 1000 team, were held at Heller Machine Tools in Redditch and at the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern.

A new approach to raising the profile of Worcestershire was launched at last year’s Worcestershire LEP Conference by a partnership of private sector companies and public sector organisations from across the county. This group share the ambition to raise the profile of Worcestershire and to encourage more business investment into the county.

More than 250 businesses have already signed up to become county champions and have joined the Worcestershire 1000. Many attended the events where they were given the opportunity to find out more.

At the recent brand events, guests heard presentations from Heller’s Managing Director, Matthias Meyer; Chief Executive of the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, Gary Woodman and Richard Soper CBE who is the former CEO of Worcester Bosch.

Gary Woodman, CEO of the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership said: ‘It’s great to see that businesses from all corners of Worcestershire are signing up to the new brand, in order to help raise the profile of our fantastic county. The brand will continue to reflect the wide variety of opportunities that Worcestershire has to offer, and we hope to see many more people sign up following these events.’

Richard Soper, Former CEO of Worcester Bosch said: ‘Thank you to Heller and Morgan Motors for the use of their facilities and being able to illustrate manufacturing at its best in our County. Over the coming months we wish to do a further 10-15 events in the County, we would like to use their premises again to illustrate business in operation to both existing members and to encourage new members of the Worcestershire 1000.’

To find out more about the Worcestershire 1000 go to the Worcestershire brand website here.