‘Creating our Future Workforce’ campaign attracting businesses in Worcestershire

Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Worcestershire County Council have launched a new campaign for ‘Creating our Future Workforce’.

The campaign aims to tackle the county’s skills gap and support businesses to get involved with developing Worcestershire’s skilled workforce of the future, by working together with educational establishments.

Businesses of all sizes in Worcestershire can get involved with ‘Creating our Future Workforce’ through a variety of pathways. Organisations can help by attending assembly talks to schools, supporting young people with mock interviews and CV workshops, and offering a young person a work experience or internship opportunity.

The campaign was launched at the Worcestershire LEP Annual Conference as part of a skills panel which discussed the challenges that businesses face in terms of recruiting staff. The panel also highlighted what is being done to support young people to develop the skills they need for their ideal career.

Over 400 businesses were in attendance at the Worcestershire LEP Conference to witness the launch of the program to tackle the skills shortage that many businesses are facing across the county.

Judy Chadwick, Skills Lead for Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed launching the ‘Creating our Future Workforce’ campaign at the Worcestershire LEP Conference. We are determined to use this campaign to help tackle the skills shortage businesses face in Worcestershire and enable us to continue improving the skills of our local workforce.

I am encouraging businesses to pledge their support to help make a difference to their business and the local community.”

All businesses that have signed up to the campaign will be featured at next year’s Worcestershire Skills Show, where it will be unveiled how local business commitment is helping to improve career opportunities for young people across the county.

To get involved with the campaign, complete the form here