New career opportunities website launched for Worcestershire

The Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Worcestershire County Council have launched the new Worcestershire Jobs website to help people find new career opportunities within the county.

The new website works by collating local job, training courses, further educational courses or apprenticeship listings on job sites and displays them in one place. This helps to speed up the searching process for residents or those interested in working in Worcestershire.

Businesses in the county do not need to do anything differently with their job posting as the Worcestershire Jobs website is able to refresh and display new opportunities as they are listed across multiple job sites.

Users can even filter their results based on location or on keywords such as skills or industries (i.e. Marketing Jobs). This is set to help people easily find jobs, training options and educational courses that are relevant to them.

Find out more and visit the website by following the link here. –

Worcestershire Jobs logo