New website for businesses to help support their staff

A new website has been launched for businesses to understand how best to support their middle aged staff and employees.

The Midlife MOT website provides resources and knowledge surrounding employee support in three key areas: health, careers and finances. By using the website, businesses can gain access to resources such as toolkits, videos and much more that can make a real difference in planning for the future.

Businesses that use the Midlife MOT and use the resources to implement into their workplace will gain from:

  • Increased retention of older employees
  • Higher level of productivity
  • Reduction of costs
  • Planning for the future
  • Managing risks

The Midlife MOT website allows businesses to:

  • Encourage employees to think about their finances, and what they need to do to be supported in life after work
  • Prepare for discussion with employees about their health and start to identify support needed for them to stay motivated, healthy and positive
  • Gain knowledge on how to help employees understand their key skills, prepare them for the future and identify goals they can work to within their roles.

Gary Woodman, Chief Executive at Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “The challenges of the past year have highlighted the need to support and care for employees. The Worcestershire Midlife MOT website is there to help both employers and employees by starting conversations and planning around health, careers and finances.

“We hope that businesses across the county find the website and resources useful and are able to improve employee wellbeing.”

Alongside the variety of resources available on the Midlife MOT website, there are now free 1 to 1 appointments for 25 individuals aged 50 plus available.

These interviews will take place in two phases and will help employees speak to someone and get guidance on their career choices, advice on returning to education, advice on job seeking as well as much more.

There is also a specific area on the website for employers which will include even more valuable resources to support succession planning.

To find out more, visit: and to enquire about the 1 to 1 appointments, please email