New Worcestershire Apprenticeships Account and Bursary system launched

The Worcestershire Apprenticeships Account and Worcestershire Apprenticeships Bursary is now live.

The all new Worcestershire Apprenticeships Account is an online system to make it quick and easy for prospective apprentices to connect with Apprenticeship providers.

Individuals thinking about an Apprenticeship will be able to submit an expression of interest to the local training organisations that offer apprenticeships in the sector they’re interested in. This should not only make it easier to connect with local training organisations, but also removes the problem that applicants often have when they’re not quite sure what vacancy to search for. Even if they’re not sure yet what sector they want to apply for an apprenticeship in, they can submit an expression of interest in multiple sectors and see where it takes them.

We also recognise, especially with the rising cost of living, starting an Apprenticeship can be difficult financially with potential equipment, uniform and travel costs to factor in.

That’s why individuals who obtain an Apprenticeship from signing up to the WA Account, will be eligible for the £500 WA Bursary to help with those initial costs and give them the best start to their Apprenticeship journey.

To open a WA Account today, visit the Worcestershire Apprenticeships website at and select WA Account, or follow this link: