Newly published video highlights latest updates from Worcestershire 5G Consortium

Worcestershire 5GOn Friday 30 November, Worcestershire LEP Chair, Mark Stansfeld, gave the latest update on the Worcestershire 5G Consortium at the Worcestershire LEP Annual Conference.

As part of the update on 5G connectivity, Mark showed a new video with the latest updates from consortium partners. The consortium has worked with local partners Yamazaki Mazak and Worcester Bosch to create case studies. The videos, filmed on the factory floor, outline exactly how 5G applications will revolutionise the way that the businesses will operate and innovate the manufacturing process.

As Chair of the Consortium, Mark discussed how the consortium’s work is critical to solving connectivity challenges for businesses, not just across Worcestershire, but on a national scale.

Mark also delivered a keynote seminar at the Westminster Social Policy Forum about the future for the Midlands Engine. He spoke about the role of the Worcestershire 5G Testbed in pioneering Industry 4.0 and creating a connected, creative and dynamic economy for businesses, investors and residents in Worcestershire and beyond.

To view the videos with the Consortium’s latest developments and activity, visit the Worcestershire LEP’s YouTube channel here.