Harrison Clark Rickerbys Webcast Series

Off the bat of the Worcestershire LEP’s Making Connections, a new series of webcasts are being launched weekly in partnership with local solicitors Harrison Clark Rickerbys.

Each episode will be discussing a different topic affected by the Coronavirus pandemic with Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman, to be joined by different guests for each episode from Harrison Clark Rickerbys and their clients.

To find out more information on Harrison Clark Rickerbys, visit the website here.

To listen to the Making Connections podcast series, visit the webpage here.

All episodes will be added to this webpage as well as the Worcestershire LEP YouTube channel.


Episode 1 - Residential Property

This first episode is on Residential Property and the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the market with some advice and guidance from a series of local experts.

Watch the episode as the guests discuss how this pandemic is affecting interest in the market, contract agreements and mortgaging and first time buyers.

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Episode 2 - Commercial Contracts

Episode two of the webcast series focuses on Commercial Contracts and the impact COVID-19 has had with Dan De Saules. Dan discusses what organisations can do during this time to solve commercial contract problems they may be having.

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Episode 3 - Insurance Policies

Episode three features guests Adam Finch and Beth Beatty from the Harrison Clark Rickerbys Dispute Resolution team, together they discuss with Gary Woodman the insurance advice and guidance that organisations should be aware of during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Episode 4 - Banking and Finances

Episode four features guest Harry Bengough from the Harrison Clark Rickerbys Banking and Finance team. Harry and Gary discuss how banks have responded to the coronavirus support schemes and what organisations can do to ensure they have a greater chance of success with the various funding support schemes on offer.

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Episode 5 - Coronavirus Recovery

Episode five features special guest Robert Capper, partner at the Harrison Clark Rickerbys. Robert and Gary have an in-depth discussion about the Coronavirus impact on the Worcestershire economy and business community. They also speculate on what the recovery process looks like for organisations in the county.

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Episode 6 - Employment Law

Episode six delves into employment law and looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted both employers and employees. Chief Executive Gary Woodman is joined by Michael Stokes, head of employment and immigration law from Harrison Clark Rickerbys.

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