OGL Group launches new Advisory Services Division with Nick Johnson at the helm

OGL Group has announced the launch of a new Advisory Services division, offering strategy and consulting services alongside access to C-level technology executives. 

The team is being led by new hire Nick Johnson, Head of Advisory Services. Nick started his career as a software engineer at BAE Systems before joining global engineering group GKN in 2000, working his way up to Director of Group IT before leaving to join OGL Group.

Nick brings over 20 years of experience to this role, with a background in working with enterprise businesses as CTO and CISO, delivering business process improvements and transformation programmes including divestment and acquisition. He is also spearheading division growth and already making new appointments.

The new Advisory Services division will provide consultants to drive business efficiency for clients and provide insight into the compliance and regulatory requirements for them to mitigate risks from outdated IT infrastructure. It is aimed at mid-market companies seeking help in creating an IT strategy to accomplish specific growth targets, but that do not have adequate senior technology resource in-house.

OGL Group has a proven track record of more than 45 years as the IT partner of choice for more than 1,200 UK-wide businesses of all sizes. It has a separate IT Solutions division and security arm, CyberGuard Technologies, that work with organisations across a number of vertical sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, building societies and NHS Trusts. Now, the company is offering new and existing clients the opportunity to tap into OGL Group’s expertise in IT strategy, infrastructure, and security services and solutions, to help clients achieve continued business growth.

The Advisory Services Group has already worked with a large travel agent, from an industry hit hard by Covid-19. The travel agent had not invested in IT infrastructure and security over the lockdown period and, following a full review by OGL Group’s Advisory Service division, areas of concern were highlighted. The team, under Nick Johnson, advised of several improvement projects that the travel agent should consider, combined with a strategic plan that will enable them to use new IT services to reduce risk and support growth.

Nick Johnson commented: “Following Covid-19, most UK firms are now on a digital transformation journey but too many of them see IT as a cost they have to bear, rather than a tool to help them continue growing. With the right strategic plan in place, one that has been tailored to an individual company’s business aims and growth target, IT can be an enabler. Take security for example. Security supports an organisation’s brand and reputation, but which systems and software should a company consider implementing to reduce risk of a cyber attack? Our Advisory Services division could answer that very question to avoid you automating everything when AI is only needed for a deeper understanding within one or two areas.”

Despite only recently launching, the OGL Group Advisory Services division’s success has seen demand across its client base grow quickly.

For more information, visit https://www.ogl.co.uk/advisory-services