OLPRO sees record sales as the UK gets ready for camping staycations

OLPRO, one of the UK’s leading retailer in tents and camping equipment, has seen a 39% increase in orders as holiday-goers get ready for campsites to open on 4th July.

The camping industry has seen a huge demand for tents in recent weeks with people trading hopes of a foreign holiday for the more reliable option of a camping ‘staycation’. As a result, OLPRO has seen sales increase by 23% and website traffic increase by 21% (year on year) during 2020.

Orders are also increasing as the UK begins to ease the restrictions imposed by lockdown. Last week the Welsh Government announced that they would be opening campsites from 6th July, and the UK’s Camping and Caravanning Club have also stated their intentions to open some campsites in England from 4th July with fully flexible and refundable bookings available.

Camping has also become the popular holiday choice for enjoying the fresh air while maintaining safety and keeping a social distance. Campsites are ensuring that there is a good amount of physical space between pitches and are already improving distancing and cleaning measures, ensuring all campers can remain safe.

Daniel Walton, Founder of OLPRO, said: “As one of the largest retailers in tents and camping equipment, we’re proud to be playing a hugely important role in helping people of the UK to look forward to a well deserved holiday and a precious chance to unwind.”

“It’s a really exciting time to be a part of the camping industry as more and more people are beginning to see the attractiveness of a relaxing camping getaway in the middle of an incredibly stressful year. Demand for camping equipment is only continuing to increase and last week we had our largest ever day of sales on record.”

To view OLPRO’s range of camping products, visit their website here.