One Creative’s Discovery Park makes final for international competition

Worcester-based business, One Creative Environments Ltd, has been shortlisted as a finalist in an international competition for landscape architecture design for Discovery Park in Moorside, West Cumbria. Comments are now being invited on the design so that the winner can be selected from the finalists.

The Moorside Landscape Design competition will select the scheme which provides the most creative, sustainable, appropriate and viable design ideas for the proposed mounds of the Moorside Project, as well as any associated landscape features, and their future use and management.

The competition winner will work alongside NuGen, the Environmental Impact Assessment team, the winning architect and other parties in the development of their proposal. The winning concept design will go on to be developed into a future landscape masterplan, with the mounds and other features forming an integral part of the setting of Moorside Power Station and its associated environment.

One Creative





Pictured: One Creative’s ‘Discovery Park’ design





One Creative’s Discovery Park is inspired by the power of fission.  The landscape and earthworks have been designed as a dynamic representation of the splitting of atoms, energy and particle trails. The aspiration is to create a magical and inspirational destination for all, focusing on education through a world of play and discovery and through the wonders of science and nature – a place of drama and delight. The largest mound – Spectrum Fell – at the heart of the site, will house the Discovery Visitor Centre, freecycle café, farm shop and activity centre while a large, open-air amphitheatre will host concerts, events and presentations.

Arching over everything, a vast man-made rainbow and hundreds of small prisms represents the phenomena of the natural world. A range of floristically rich grassland habitats echoing the colours of the spectrum will be sourced from a new plant nursery set up by NuGen.

The creation of local jobs will also be supported through land management and apprenticeships to celebrate and continue local crafts and skills such as drystone walling.

For more information on the Moorside Landscape Design Competition, visit the Landscape Institute website. Please leave a comment on the design and good luck to One Creative Environments Ltd.