ScaleUp Institute announces Adam Hale as new Chair

The ScaleUp Institute has announced the appointment of successful scaleup entrepreneur Adam Hale as its new Chair.

He takes over from Sherry Coutu, co-founder of the ScaleUp Institute, who has served her planned five-year term since the publication of the original Scaleup Report in 2014 and the subsequent formation of the ScaleUp Institute in 2015.

The appointment comes at the same time as the ScaleUp Institute launches its 2019 Annual Scaleup Review. In taking up this role Adam Hale said: “I am delighted to become Chair of the ScaleUp Institute. I have been engaged with it for several years and am passionately committed to seeing the UK becoming a global scaleup leader.

“I am particularly keen to see the flourishing of strong peer networks across the country as I know first-hand the value that they bring – and to closing the gaps around access to markets and to talent and skills. The ScaleUp Institute’s agenda is vital to our economic prosperity and must be embedded ever more deeply in national and local discussions. It is a great privilege to be its new chair.”

Founding Chair Sherry Coutu said: “Over the past five years, the ScaleUp Institute has become the foundation for a growing body of evidence and proposed solutions to the challenges that scaling companies face. Adam brings a unique set of skills and a passion for creating the right environment for scaling businesses. He recognises the challenges faced by scaling companies and understands the range of solutions required to overcome them. I am delighted he is succeeding me and I will remain a devoted champion of the scaleup cause.”

ScaleUp Institute CEO Irene Graham said: “We are delighted that Adam is joining us as Chair. He has been a strong supporter of the ScaleUp Institute for several years and will be a very valuable ambassador for scaleups. His expertise and membership of significant scaleup networks can play a vital part in creating the community of success for ambitious companies.

“In the four years since it was created the ScaleUp Institute has seen major progress but that progress needs to be sustained. Whilst the number of scaleups is growing across the country, and scaleups are becoming embedded into policy at national and local levels, across public and private sectors, we cannot afford to be complacent given the ongoing challenges our scaleups face.

“It has been tremendous to work with Sherry over the past five years – she has been a formidable force in putting scaleups on the map. I am now looking forward to working with Adam to continue our work to make the UK the best place in the world not just to start but scale a business.”