ScaleUp Institute launch annual review

The ScaleUp Institute have launched their annual review, providing an overview of the scaleup business community in Worcestershire.

The report identified that Worcestershire has a total of 270 scaleups, employing 17,741 employees with a total turnover of £2.1 billion. The three most popular sectors for these businesses were property/ land development and construction, distribution and manufacturing and engineering.

A list of the Top 5 visible scaleups by employee growth, were recorded in the report: Charles Faram, Lioncourt Homes, Lexon, Aggora Group and Liaison. Worcestershire’s top 5 visible scaleups by turnover growth were also recognised: Prime, Zenith, Redspeed International, Liason and Benniman.

The report highlighted three key barriers to growth for local scaleup businesses, including; access to markets and customers internationally, access to talent and leadership development. In response, the report highlighted a desire to see more of; peer to peer networks, opportunities from Department of International Trade, local leadership development programmes and local university and business school engagement.

Gary Woodman, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “I am delighted to see that Worcestershire’s scaleup business community is thriving with a large amount of turnover and a number of employees. We will continue to work with partners to address the barriers to growth, as highlighted in the report and other local research.”

To view the complete list of visible scaleups, Scaleup Champions and Ambassadors, visit the Scaleup Institute website.