School breaks shouldn’t mean hungry days

As the school summer holidays approach, countless families who depend on free school meals will soon face a harsh reality. With the cost-of-living crisis at an all-time high, feeding a family of three now averages £100 per week. Over the 6-week holidays, that adds up to an alarming £600.

It’s a time when children should be outside in the sun, having fun with friends and family, and enjoying their well-deserved break. But for many families, the reality is quite different. Shockingly, a third of parent’s report skipping meals so their children can eat during the school holidays.

With this in mind, ISO Quality Service has decided it is time to step in and support families through these long six weeks with their Mini Summer Challenge. Summer hunger is a pressing issue, and your help is needed to combat it.

How you can take part
You can make a real difference to families in need by donating £25, £50, £75, or £100. Alternatively, if you’re up for a challenge, ISO QSL can provide you with a list of urgently needed items for the Foodbank, which you can collect and deliver to their headquarters in St. Johns, Worcester.

With your generous donations, they will send their dedicated team on a thrilling trolley adventure at a local supermarket, aiming to fill as many trolleys as possible with the money received. Every single contribution will be delivered directly to Worcester Foodbank.

Why Foodbank?
Ten years ago, Worcester Foodbank were supporting 2,000 – 3,000 people each year, Fast forward to 2024, and they have helped over 18,000 individuals – an astonishing 800% increase over ten years. Now, they need over £5,000 each week just to keep their shelves stocked.

The year 2023 marked the worst and busiest period for Worcester Foodbank, with a 30% increase in demand compared to 2022. They are now stretched to their absolute limit.
With food costs continuing to soar, more and more families are turning to the Foodbank, especially during school holidays. ISO Quality Services have been supporting Worcester Foodbank for the past seven years with their annual Bingo Box campaign to help families during the festive season. This year, they have decided it is time to extend the support to cover the school holidays as well.

If you want to make a difference to a family during summer school holidays, please email

Because school breaks shouldn’t mean hungry days.