Series of New Webinars to help businesses plan for Recovery after COVID-19

Businesses are being made aware of a new series of webinars designed to help with recovery plans post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worcestershire Business Central, the county’s local growth hub, are delighted to be able to offer a series of webinars to provide on-line coaching for groups of businesses.  The webinars are in partnership with Andrew Lavoipierre, the Action Coach, and it is hoped the expert coaching on offer will help businesses to create a viable 90 Day Plan focused on their recovery.

For many business owners, finding time to plan for their business can seem a big ask, but making the time to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t can be the difference between survival and closure. At the moment many organisations across the county are asking important questions and these GrowthCLUB webinars will help answer some of these problems and allow businesses to set themselves on the right path to managing the impact the pandemic has on their organisation.

By the end of the first virtual GrowthCLUB, attendees will have a clear picture of where their business will be in 90-days’ time and a step-by-step plan to get them there. During this productive virtual meeting, attendees will:

  • Create a 90-day plan
  • Take control and get organised
  • Learn proven profit strategies
  • Discuss & share new ideas with other business owners

By signing up to the GrowthCLUB webinars businesses will get:

  • Energy, vision and focus for the next 90 days in their business
  • Practical business growth strategies that can be implemented right away
  • A REAL plan to operate their business for the next quarter
  • Skills and tools to get more done in their business

By the end of these action-packed workshops, attendees will have a clear picture of where their business will be after 90 days as well as a plan to get there.

For more information and to book a place on one of the webinars, please visit the Worcestershire Business Central website here or contact their team on 01905 677 888 or email

Dates for the webinars are: